About AMZI

Finding the perfect piece of jewelry does not need to be a stressful experience. In fact, with the help of professionals who truly care, you can discover incredible pieces that are made with the highest quality materials and won’t cost you a fortune. At Amzi Jewelry, our aim is to be your go-to jeweler for every special moment that deserves something that sparkles.

As a single parent, Amzi Jewelry began from a need to provide. While looking for ways to help pay for my daughters’ college education, I started to look for income beyond my healthcare career. Having always had a passion for accessories and jewelry, I decided to begin searching for ways to source and sell sterling silver jewelry. Starting with family, friends and colleagues each sale I delivered I grew more and more excited about the joy I was providing others. I became amazed how a beautiful simple piece of jewelry was able to give people a boost in confidence and a feeling of happiness. I knew I needed to go all-in on this new dream of mine and make it a real business.

From small, delicate rings, to intricate pieces that truly stand out, jewelry can elevate the look of any outfit while adding an extra boost of self-esteem for the person wearing it. As someone who has always enjoyed expressing myself through the jewelry I wear, it is thrilling for me to give others the same opportunity to embrace their own sense of style through our breathtaking pieces. This is the perfect way to try something new, or embrace what makes your fashion classic. There are no wrong answers when selecting jewelry that speaks to you!

Although this is fine jewelry, it will always be within reach for our customers. I understand the importance of affordability, and that does not mean it has to be poorly made. When looking for gorgeous jewelry you do not have to break the bank to bring home something unique and meaningful. It is our commitment to our customers to always ensure these pieces will be within reach for all budgets and never skimp on quality.

Jewelry can be much more than a way to adorn your outfit. These timeless pieces are the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion, tell someone how much they mean to you, or just to treat yourself. No matter what the purpose is, Amzi Jewelry is here to bring you the pieces you’ve been searching for at a price that's affordable, a gift that can be given time and time again.

Starting this small business was a labor of love, and now it continues to fulfill my passion for bringing joy to others through something I adore. My hope is that you explore our collection of stunning pieces and find the right fit for your loved one, or yourself! You can also sign up for notifications, to stay updated on our new arrivals and discounts available. Your trust and support of this business means the world, and I cannot wait to see where you take Amzi Jewelry with you.

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